shopify & non-profits

e-commerce for change

With over 500,000 merchants on their books, Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce providers in the world. It’s easy to use online store management solution coupled with it’s rich app based eco-system makes it one of the most compelling solutions for start ups and big businesses alike who are looking for a dedicated e-commerce solution.

We love Shopify and think it’s a great fit for the non-profit sector. They obviously think so too as they offer a slightly discounted rate off their packages. Find out more about the Shopify non-profit scheme here.

How we help non-profits using Shopify

Charities and non-profits are under immense pressure to diversify their fundraising channels – from productising services to selling their own branded products online. Shopify offers an excellent, fully managed sales solution that works both offline and online allowing charities and non-profits to bring in much needed funds by selling their own products.

We help charities in three ways

we can help plan

We help charities identify and develop product offerings that might suit an online shop. This includes working with printers and designers to develop “print on demand” products.

we can help design and develop

Store setup – working with the charity to design and populate their Shopify store. From conception to your first sale we can help create beautiful and compelling stores that align with your organisation’s core values.

we can extend

App development – whilst Shopify is fantastic out of the box, it’s functionality can be extended even further by installing one of it’s many apps. From loyalty schemes to recurring payments to 3rd party inventory management solutions, Shopify apps give shop owners a huge selection of different possibilities.

We have even created our own apps specifically for the charity sector including our gift aid donation app.