The task Cochrane has a proud history of providing independent and trusted medical synthesis – taking the best global research and making it available for healthcare policy makers, governments and the public. They were also undertaking a major change programme. They needed an agency to help them navigate the change and  reinvigorate the brand, rediscovering […]


The task Vubiquity are one of the biggest content providers in the world, part of the global Amdocs dynasty. Their clients include household names such as Warner Media, Disney, MGM, Paramount and Netflix. The process We helped them redefine their brand, bring out their USP and present their services and products in an accessible and […]

Headway East London

The task Headway East London is a charity that works across London to support people affected by brain injury. They needed an agency to help them redefine their brand, represent the vibrancy of the organisation and showcase their members’ work. The process We held workshops with members, staff and interviewed their closest stakeholders to uncover […]


The task Refuge engaged us to help them write, edit and design their Annual Report. Working with the internal team it became clear that there was also a need for a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that truly represented the organisation as it was now. The process We worked with them to define their new […]

Charities Aid Foundation

The task The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) isa global network of organisations that makeit easier for individuals to give to charitiesby advising on investments, support charitiesto do more through their charity bank, andconnect companies to causes. The process We were engaged to help their global division simplify their message and amplify their voice. Helping them […]

Case Study: Victim Support

Discover VS faced a new competitive environment,had a new CEO and strategy and aspired to work with new clients. A big part of this project involved changing the culture – bringing staff, volunteers and supporters together and uniting them behind the new strategy and brand. Design We worked with offices nationally to uncover an inspiring […]

Case study: Police Foundation

The task The Police Foundation is the UK’s only independent think tank that researches and works to improve policing. They wanted a brand that emphasised this dedication and a website that showcased their extensive research and thought leadership. The process Through a series of workshops, feedback surveys and interviews we identified important brand values that […]

Case Study: Homeshare

The task Homeshare UK, run by Shared Lives Plus, is a life changing scheme that enables two unrelated people to share a home for mutual benefit. The scheme pairs people who are looking for more affordable and low cost accommodation with those who might need support. Shared Lives Plus was looking for a digital partner who […]