Victim Support is a charity with a proud record of helping vulnerable people. The organisation was struggling to be heard in an increasingly competitive environment. They had been through a huge amount of change, had a new board, CEO, senior leadership team and strategy. We knew that our new brand needed to reflect this new direction and empower and re-energise staff, volunteers and supporters.


We worked with them to define motivations for its most important audiences, so we could rediscover the essence of the brand. After tons of engagement with victims and survivors as well as staff, volunteers and supporters we boiled it down to the big idea of ‘beyond crime’

The victims and survivors of crime we worked with felt that the most important role VS had was to help them move beyond what had happened to them, to give them strategies for gaining back power and control of their lives moving forward.

For VS it talked to their new strategy, ambitions and increased remit.


We worked with teams across the organisation, holding vision, mission and values, creative workshops and feedback sessions. Our creatives crafted the visual and verbal language and we supported the internal teams on the launch, roll out and monitoring.