Case study


The NSPCC is a leading UK children’s charity fighting against cruelty and child abuse. As an organisation the NSPCC uses a wide range of digital channels to drive impact and raise awareness. However the organisation had limited visibility of their SEO position and found it hard to outline successes and define SEO objectives.


We worked with the NSPCC to design and build a dynamically updated monthly report, which collates multiple sources of SEO information to present successes and also outline growth areas and opportunities.

The SEO report is cloud-based, to allow for multi-editing and access, it automatically interprets data points to evaluate performance and highlight current organic rankings, organic visibility and monitors performance across thousands of keywords.


We have worked with internal teams at NSPCC to ensure that the data, which is presented, results in actionable insights. Over time it is our hope that the NSPCC can work with Add10 to use and adapt the monthly SEO report to monitor future successes and highlight internal teams key actions.

At Add10 we believe that reporting and conversion information is the cornerstone of success and action as data should illustrate a current position, highlight where to focus efforts and monitor results over time.