Homeshare UK

Case study

The task

Homeshare UK, run by Shared Lives Plus, is a life changing scheme that enables two unrelated people to share a home for mutual benefit. The scheme pairs people who are looking for more affordable and low cost accommodation with those who might need support.

Shared Lives Plus was looking for a digital partner who could help them improve their process for applicants whilst create a website that is easy to use and support other associated schemes.

The process

We worked with Shared Lives Plus to identify opportunities to improve how potential applicants might interact with the scheme online. Through workshops, brand surveys and interviews we helped develop a digital website that integrated both a membership and general public function.

The result

We developed a new brand, a new website and a new digital approach for their members and potential homesharers. A suite of online tools are now available, from e-learning to application management, that have helped Shared Lives Plus change the way they approach the Homeshare scheme.