Why people should buy products from charities

The world of today is flooded with opportunities to buy items. Consumers are becoming increasingly keen to seek out products with a conscience, which align with their personal values and beliefs. We have seen a rise in eco-friendly and fair-trade clothing, multiple new clean energy suppliers and now more and more UK charities are selling […]

Why charities should have online shops

More and more UK charities are utilising eCommerce and selling products online as part of or alongside their existing website presence. Creating an online store is a great idea for a number of reasons. It can help to drive audience engagement, raise awareness and generate additional income. This article will explore several key reasons why […]

14 UK charities using Shopify effectively to sell online

At Add10 we believe eCommerce can be an incredible opportunity for a charity to drive additional income and help raise brand awareness. We also feel that Shopify is a great platform for an organisation to get up and running with selling goods online. We love the variation of how UK charities are using Shopify to […]

10 actionable ways to improve the conversion rate of a charity website

Why is conversion optimisation important? Conversion rate optimisation can seem like a scary and daunting task. However, in essence, the practice of optimising a charity’s website is simply making small changes, one by one and then letting the data tell us what is and isn’t working. There is after all, a lot to be said […]

Shopify + Gift Aid: a great way for charities to drive new income

We all know charities and nonprofits are under increasing pressure to increase revenue and diversify income streams. As a result more and more charitable organisations are turning to eCommerce to reach new audiences and drive additional revenue. Having an online shop has a number of benefits: creates an additional revenue stream for an organisation builds […]